John Klein - Founder and Chairman of Cambridge Therapeutics

Health Care-Focused Head of Cambridge Therapeutics

The founder of Cambridge Therapeutics, John Klein has guided the Teaneck, New Jersey, pharmaceutical company as chairman since its inception in 2011. His career as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry began in 1988, when he assumed the role of president and CEO of Zenith Laboratories, Inc. He grew revenue from $34 million to $250 million until the company was sold to Ivax Pharmaceutical. Subsequently, John Klein accepted a position as the president of Ivax, which at that time was the largest generic drug manufacturer in the country. During his time with Ivax, he increased shareholder value by more than $1 billion.

Following this role, Mr. Klein served as the chairman and CEO of MIM Corporation, a pharmacy benefits management firm that works with assisted care facilities, clinics, and HMOs. In this capacity, he helped to nearly double revenue.

In 2005, he established Dava Pharmaceutical Company and led the sale of the firm for close to $600 million to Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc., in 2013. Today, Mr. Klein focuses on combination drug therapies, the dispensation of prescriptions to physicians, and novel drug delivery systems through his work with Cambridge Therapeutics.

Throughout his career, he has guided organizations that have secured FDA approval for upwards of 300 generic drugs and 400 supplements. He is the former chairman of the Worldwide Generics Pharmaceutical Industry Association.